Secure Coding Track

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Winner Mr Sarthak Misraa, INR 3,00,000

Runner Up - Capt Kashish Rohilla, INR 150,000

Second Runner Up - Mr Abhijit P Kumar. INR 50,000

Software Defined Radio

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Winner - Lt Prateet Singh. INR 3,00,000

Capture the Flag

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Winner - Mr Gaurav Bhatia, INR 3,00,000

Runners Up - Mr Gourav Suram, INR 1,50,000

Second Runner Up - Mr Tushar Chopra, INR 50,000

Download your participation certificate

There is no cost to get the certificate of participation for the Hackathon. Please follow the link given in the e-mail to get access to the portal and download your certificate. Also, please do not forward the link to anyone as the link is being tracked and only those participants who get the email from ISAC must access it.

If any bonafide participant has been asked to pay money for the certificate, please contact Group Captain Naidu on +91 8800880757 or email at [email protected] You may also reach us at [email protected]



Level 3 (Secure coding & SDR) TrACK Challenge Starts in


16th October - 30th December 2021​


Sainya Ranakshetram is the Indian Army’s Annual Cyber Security Hackathon, organized by the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering, Rashtriya Raksha University, and ISAC.

Three Challenge Tracks

Compete in three different tracks and stand a chance to earn rewards

Prizes Upto 15 Lakhs

Get First, Second, or Third Prize when you win at each of the three tracks

Three Difficulty Levels

Each track has three levels - qualify at each stage to enter the final level

Internship Opportunites

The best performers stand a chance to win Internships with the Indian Army

Free Tech Workshops

Get free hands-on workshops to upskill yourself and your team for competing

National Recognition

Get National Recognition - the final winners will receive their prizes during Army Day!


Secure Coding

Secure coding is a set of practices that applies security considerations to how software will be coded and encrypted to best defend against cyber-attack or vulnerabilities.

Level 1 - 16th November, 2021

Level 2 - 23rd - 25th November, 2021

Level 3 - 6th to 30th December, 2021

Software Defined Radio

Software-defined radio is a radio communication system where components that have been traditionally implemented in hardware are instead implemented by means of software on a personal computer or embedded system.

Level 1 - 17th November, 2021

Level 2 - 23rd - 25th November, 2021

Level 3 - 6th to 30th December, 2021

Capture the Flag

A capture the flag (CTF) contest is a special kind of cybersecurity competition designed to challenge its participants to solve computer security problems and/or capture and defend computer systems

Level 1 - 18th November, 2021

Level 2 - 23rd - 25th November, 2021

Level 3 - 16th to 17th December, 2021


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The Military College of Telecommunication Engineering is the engineering training establishment for the Corps of Signals, established 1911, of the Indian Army. It is located near Indore, in the town formerly known as Mhow, now called Dr Ambedkar Nagar, in Madhya Pradesh.

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For Undergraduate Students and Defence Personnel only

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